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Stewardship Apostolates
Altar Servers
Contact: Diane Smith 816-363-4888 ext. 131
Young men and women in the 4th grade and above are invited to serve at Mass as altar servers. The parish provides training.

Contact:Diane Smith 816-363-4888 ext. 131
In this apostolate, you proclaim the scriptures during Mass. Any registered and confirmed member of the parish, age 16 or older, is welcome to participate. The diocese provides training.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Contact:Diane Smith 816-363-4888 ext. 131
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist with distribution of the Eucharist on Sunday and other times when needed. Any registered and confirmed member of the parish, age 16 or older, is welcome to participate. The diocese provides training.

Contact: 816-363-4888 ext. 120
The ushers assist with greeting parishioners, helping them find places to sit, taking up collection, distributing bulletins and preparing the church after each Mass. Several ushers are needed at each Mass.

Gift Bearers
Contact: Diane Smith 816-363-4888 ext. 131

Individuals and families are invited to participate at Mass by bringing the gifts ofbread and wine to the altar.

The greeters are stationed at various entrances and welcome people to our parish community. Couples, singles and families are welcome to participate in this ministry.

Communion to the Homebound
Contact: Diane Smith 816-363-4888 ext. 131
EMHC training is needed to participate in this apostolate. Any registered and confirmed adult member of the parish is welcome to participate. The diocese provides training.

Lead 3:30 Rosary
Contact:Diane Smith 816-363-4888 ext. 131
The rosary is said prior to the 4:00 PM Mass on Saturday. Various parishioners lead this Marian devotion.

Art and Environment
Contact: Greg McGraw 816-363-4888 ext. 120
This group prepares the inside and outside of our parish for the major liturgical feasts and seasons. A variety of tasks are involved and people of all skill levels are welcome.

Adult Choir and Cantors
Contact:Katherine Schmitz
You are welcome to join your voice with our English or Latin Choir which practices once a week. Our English Choir sings at the 9:30 AM Mass and our Latin Choir sings at the 11:30 AM Latin Mass on Sunday mornings. Cantors are needed to lead the singing at weekend Masses. Cantors practice once a month.

Sunday Sacristans
Contact: 816-363-4888 ext. 120
This apostolate requires a few minutes before and after Mass.

Social Concerns Apostolates
Food Pantry Workers
Contact: Food Pantry: Steve Quinlin & Diane Smith. 816-984-8770
Assist people living within parish boundaries who are experiencing effects of poverty. Volunteers are needed to interview clients, sort and stack food.

Christmas Basket Project
Christ the King assists parishioners and others in the areas that are in need at Christmas. Volunteers needed to oversee the Giving Tree process and help sort, stack, pack, and distribute food and gifts. This is a great volunteer project for the entire family.

Parish Support Apostolates
Office Volunteers
Contact: Wendy Mead 816-363-4888 ext. 120
Assist with general office tasks and answer the phone on an as-needed basis.

Bulletin Stuffers/Parish Mailings
Contact: Wendy Mead 816-363-4888 ext. 120
Assist with stuffing, labeling and sorting major parish mailings. Most projects are done during the weekday on an as-needed basis.

Building and Grounds
Contact: 816-363-4888
Attend to grounds and facilities of our parish. We are always looking for quick and seasonal help..

Family / Community Life Apostolates
Christ the King Seniors
Contact: Alma Jones 816-822-1515
Open to all senior citizens of the parish. This group promotes activities for seniors which include monthly luncheons, field trips and retreats.

Women of Christ the King
Contact: Diane Smith 816-363-4888 ext. 131
Open to all women of Christ the King Parish. This group hosts refreshments for parish functions, holds fundraisers for the parish and organizes retreats for spiritual growth.

Funeral Luncheons
Contact: Marge Jackson 816-569-5862
This group provides parish luncheons as a ministry for the family and friends of a deceased parishioner. Volunteers needed to bring food and help prepare and serve the meal

Pro-Life Committee
Contact: Wendy Mead 816-363-4888
This group plans various parish activities concerning life issues, including monthly diaper drive, National Right to Life activities in October, anniversary of Roe vs. Wade in January, and Mother’s Day.

Vocation Committee
Contact: Robert Reuckert: 816-943-1932
The Vocation Committee strives to increase awareness of vocations and address ways that vocations can be encouraged.

Scripture Study Group
Contact: Parish Office 816-363-4888 ext. 120
An informal scripture study group meets each week on Thursdays to reflect on a particular area of scripture. Adult parishioners are needed to help lead and participate in this group.

Fatima Prayer Group
Contact: Dee Harkin 816-942-0333
Fatima Prayer Group meets every Tuesday for noon Mass followed by the rosary. Rosary meditations, the prayers taught at Fatima, readings from the Fatima message and shared petitions of the Holy Hour follow in the chapel area. All are welcome.

Leadership Apostolates
These groups are in advisory capacity to the leaders of our parish & schools. If you would like to be considered for one of these councils your name will be included in the discernment process..

Pastoral Council
Contact: Fr. Gregory Lockwood 816-363-4888 ext. 122
The Pastoral Council assists the pastor with direction setting, planning, policy formation and spiritual leadership for the entire parish. Members are selected through a discernment process.

Finance Council
Contact: Fr. Gregory Lockwood 816-363-4888 ext. 122
The Finance Council assists the pastor and business manager with the church budget and setting financial policies and procedures for the parish. The pastor selects members.

Early Childhood Learning CenterAdvisory Council
Contact: Stacy Clevenger 816-984-8768
The ECLC Advisory Board assists the pastor and the director with decisions regarding our Early Childhood Learning Center. Members are appointed to the board through a selection process

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