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  • 2012 Ombudsman's Report

  • From Fr. Lockwood-
    We begin this week the Bishop’s Annual Appeal. We as Catholics understand the deal here. Our parish is, most often, the focus of our efforts and our giving, and that is as it should be. Christ the King Parish, with Christ the King School, this place is our home, and we need to focus the majority of our efforts here. I am proud of the faithful stubbornness you have shown over the years in supporting CTK and I’m sure it will continue apace. We face challenges here to be sure, but our parish is alive and vibrant, and it’s because you all have refused to give in to the destructive forces in our culture, as well as the failures within the ranks of our leadership in the diocese.

    There is another Catholic world outside of CTK which needs our help as well. The Annual Appeal is one of the principle ways we here can have an impact on the larger Church and the world as well. You all know what it does: It extends our reach to others in need, our high schools, the poor and suffering. It is now time to focus some of our resources on this area. Our goal for this year is only slightly more than last year:  $43, 500.00. I fully understand that our times are hard, the economic situation in our country and in our city is as bad as it’s been in some 30 years. We have people in our parish out of work, and income for those working has often decreased.

    The needs of others have increased as well. I simply ask you to do what you can to help. This collection is about people in need, not the stuff in the news or what we may think about our priests or leaders. The Church has, for 2000 years, been the principle source of help for the poor and needy in Western Society. We do this better than anybody, and have for a long time. I thank you for your help this year and in the years to come. Whatever you can give, it will be enough. Thanks again for all you do for CTK and the Church.

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